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Taylor Swift’s Song “Mr. Perfectly Fine” Sophie Turner Reacts About Joe Jonas Its Amid Rumors



Taylor Swift’s Song “Mr. Perfectly Fine” Sophie Turner Reacts: About Joe Jonas Its Amid Rumors

Taylor Swift plunged her vault song “Mr. Perfectly Fine”, and after that, her fans speculate that the track was about her ex-Joe Jonas.

Is it true that Mr. Perfectly Fine is Joe Jonas? After hearing the just-released song, the fans of Taylor Swift think so.


Taylor Swift’s Song “Mr. Perfectly Fine”

On April 7, by dropping “Mr. Perfectly Fine,” the superstar surprised her fans. This vault is from her upcoming new album “Fearless”. On a lost love, Swift reflects on the song’s lyrics, “looked me in the eye and told me you would never go away”.

With the Jonas Brothers star and about her teenage romance, the artist previously wrote a fearless song and online Swifties pointed it out. “Mr. Perfectly Fine” did not make it into the album of 2008 as it’s a vault song. When “Forever and Always’ written around the same time, it was written likely.

Sophie Turner (Jonas’ wife and actress) reacted to Taylor’s track on her Instagram Story and write that “It’s not a bop”.

Over a decade, a brief relationship happens, and Sophie Turner has no hard feeling, it’s safe to say.

To the star’s review in Game of Thornes, Swift responded herself and, on her own Instagram story, reposted Turner’s message “for the queen of the North, forever bending the knee”.

After Swift’s breakup with Jonas in 2008, publicly Swift called out Jonas while the Ellen DeGeneres Show appeared. In a 25- second phone call, he ended their relationship.

Swift told host Ellen DeGeneres that “On blast on your show I put Joe Jonas, probably when I like”. With actor Joe Alwyn, Swift is in a relationship now.

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With a Unicorn in Sunglasses, Can DJ Get the Girl?



With a Unicorn in Sunglasses, Can DJ Get the Girl?

At Young Rock’s April 13 episode, in a sneak peek with a unique present, Teen Dwayne Johnson attempts to entice back his girlfriend. But still, he may be in some hot water.


Special Present Unicorn Sunglasses

An animal wearing sunglasses all a girl wants sometimes.

Not being bailed on may make most girls big fans, but on a girl, if a person happens to bail on, just an animal wearing sunglasses could be the best apology gift. In Yong Rocks exclusive clips, the teenage DJ discovered that.

When he pulls out a stuffed reaching into his backpack, a shade-wearing unicorn, her face tells everything. If you have a chance of second chance

it is all you need to know.

She tells him, animals wearing sunglasses she loves.

He says, “I Know” “together when we watched the Tonight Show on phone, you told me”. “Ah, in 80’s teen dating”.

The unicorn is a way to apologize for works, but DJ is not comfortable with turning the tables. On Friday, over dinner, she invites herself and plans to meet their parents.

The plans’ unfortunate part is that Karen is about to discover DJ’s truth. DJ lying to Karen and says that he belongs to a wealthy family. Instead of a unicorn, maybe he should try with an elephant this time. Or perhaps she will cool totally with it and will understand. Only time knows the best and will tell us.

Dwayne Johnson, who is the presidential candidate of 2032, may face difficulties as an emerging public relation crisis he tackles.

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Vanessa Carlton Write “A Thousand Miles” for a Famous Actor



Vanessa Carlton Write “A Thousand Miles” for a Famous Actor

“A Thousand Miles”, nearly a 20-year-old song, is about a famous actor, Juilliard, revealed by Vanessa Carlton. Here is the thinking of the fans who the song actually about.

You can relate to Vanessa Carlton if you are lust after your celebrity crushes.


Vanessa Carlton’s Crush, a Famous Actor

Vanessa Carlton is a three-time nominee for Grammy, which seems to take her “Crush” to the next level. She revealed that “A Thousand Miles” song 2002 isn’t about her dated one; instead, it’s for her crush, a “famous actor”. And at that time, her crush may not even know that she exists.

On April 11, in an interview, Vanessa shared that “I had a crush on a Juilliard student and the song is about the crush”.

However, it was very one-sided, he explained: “I was shy enough and never talked to this person. I was like, “this would ever happen, and on God’s creation, there’s just no way”.

The lyrics inspired by having a relationship with the person; falling up could have a better chance.

Now the question is, who is this mystery muse? To the grave, Vanessa is taking this secret.

“I don’t want to say the person’s name because they are like a famous actor and the person’s name I can’t know.

The hit song is about them is unknown to the person, she added. In her cryptic response, she used gender-neutral language.

On possible candidates already online, detectives got to work, Though Vanessa did not mention the name.

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In Response to Kim Kardashian’s Divorce Filing Joint Custody of Kids Requested by Kanye West



In Response to Kim Kardashian’s Divorce Filing Joint Custody of Kids Requested by Kanye West

Officially Kanye West has given his response to the divorce filing of Kim Kardashian, nearly after two months. He did not claim spousal support and requested for their four kids to join custody.

To Kim Kardashian’s divorce filing, officially Kanye west responded.


Kanye West Asked for Joint Custody of Kids

The couple has four kids North (7), Saint (5), Chicago (3) and Psalm (23 months). For their four kids, the rapper (43) asked a joint legal and physical custody, according to the court document of April 9.

Kim Kardashian, the founder of SKIMS, appears on the same page; she also appeals for joint custody, which means that an arrangement would likely work out by the children for sharing their children.

Kim’s court documents, on February 19, she filed just Kanye’s response mirror.

According to his court filing, their legal fees should pay by each. Moreover, the two agreed on the fact that for spousal support, neither party should pay.

Kanye cited that their breakup reason is irreconcilable differences. According to the trial time proof or settlement, Kanye claimed that their shared and separated property should determine.

A close source of Kardashian’s stat told that both stars have continued to stand by their prenup. Court papers of Kanye seem that it is indeed an amicable separation, initially described by the insider.

Early this year, in Wyoming, Kanye spent most of the time, and it was as though no longer the coupe would speak. Two months ago, finally, Kim decided to file a divorce as their impending split rumours spread.

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