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What is Match Betting? How to Calculate Stake Returned Free Bet Outcome?



What is Match Betting? How to Calculate Stake Returned Free Bet Outcome?

Matched betting is a type of betting strategy. It allows gamblers to take advantage of the free bet bonuses given by the bookmarks. Moreover, it offers a way to make a profit associated with low risk.  To ensure such low-risk gambling, the strategy uses Smarkets’s betting exchange. Stake returned free bet is an example of match betting.

Match Betting

Bookmakers offer various sign-up as well as reload bonuses with other specials on festive events like the Cheltenham Festivals, Grand National, and Champion League.

If compared, Match betting deviate from the nature of regular betting. In traditional gambling, gamblers have to predict different outcome and bet on that prediction. Match betting largely takes advantage of such incentives provided by bookmakers.

To use a betting strategy, a bettor has to bet corresponding with the bookmaker who offered the free bet. This bookmaker lays or bets against the same outcome on the Smarkets exchange that we mentioned earlier.  With this, bettors can cover all the possible outcomes and eliminate risk. Moreover, they can also be associated with a profit irrespective of the eventual result.

Stake Returned Free Bet – How to calculate it

A stake returned free bet is when the profit for a bet comes along with the money the bettor has put as a stake. The potential profit and required odds are easily calculable for such free bets.

For instance, let’s assume the qualifying bet gave a stake returned free bet of £20 to a bettor. Let’s further assume that the bettor is you, and you have bet £20 with that bookmaker. You have placed the money on James Robertson at 6:00 to beat Pauly Djokovic. Then you laid James on the Smarkets exchange for 6.2

Optimal lay bet

After placing your back bet, use the below equation to calculate the optimal lay stake.

Stake returned free bet potential lay stake = back odds ÷ (lay odds – total commission) × back stake

For this example, the value will be

Potential Lay Stake = 6 ÷ (6.2 – 0.02) ×20

= £19.42

Profit for the Back Bet Win

If you place two bets, you can figure the profit for the case where the bet with your bookmark wins. The equation is below:

Profit = back-odds * back-stake – (lay-odds -1) * lay-stake


Profit = 6 * 20 – (6.-1) * 20 = £19.02

Profit for the Lay Bet Win

If the lay bet with the Smartexts is successful:

Profit = lay stake * (1 – commission)

For your case, it would be, Profit = 20 * (1 – 0.02) = £19.03

Stack Returned Free Bet Profit

The below table shows all the findings and profits for stake returned free bet, including a 2% commission charge on your exchange.

Outcome Your Bookmaker Exchange Profit/Loss
James wins +£120 -£101 +£19.02
James doesn’t win £0.00 + £19.03 + £19.03


This is the easiest way to calculate a stake returned free bet. Practice the process so that it becomes intuitional.

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What is an Action Reverse Bet?



What is an Action Reverse Bet?

To understand an action reverse bet, you have to understand the “if bet” first. Because these two bets go hand in hand. “If bet” is a betting type that creates a link between a person’s all other bets. These other bets depend on action reverse bets.

Reverse bets let a gambler make him “if bet” with reverse action. That means he has two bets placed both ways. If his first wager pushes or wins, the second wager will get placed. Or it can wager double wins, put a single one.

An action reverse bet lets a gambler to place his bets on two to a maximum of eight games. It’s more like a parlay wager. It requires the first bet to win the second bet to win itself. Then the second bet needs to be a win for placement of the third bet. Thus, the process will keep on continuing.

With this action reverse betting, the bettor will have a wager, often called a secondary wager, that goes in reverse. Here, his fourth bet has to win before the third one, and the third must win before the second one is placed. And so, the second one must succeed before the placement of the first one.

At its core, when someone is placing 2 wagers, the latter one goes in the reverse direction. It is called an action reverse bet.

Action Reverse Bet Placement

For an easy instance, let’s assume you are planning on betting on an NFL game. You have figured out three options to bet on what occurs at different points in a day. However, you can place these action reverse bets on any games starting at any time.

Say, the options you have chosen are:

New England Lions -150 (1:15 pm): You have bet $50 to win $84

Baltimore Eagles -120 (4:15 pm): You have bet $80 to win $146

Chicago Wolfs +250 (8 pm): You have bet $50 to win $200

If your “if bet” wins, eventually, you will win a total of $300.

If each bet comes out correct, and the next bet can be activated, it lets you continue with your “if bet” wager. For the New England Lions’ win, your next bet for the Eagles activates. Then if the Eagles also win, bet on the Chicago Wolfs activate.

To win the “if bet,” wolves must win.

Now for an action reverse bet, the timeline gets followed in the reverse. The second slip, counter or reversed action starts with a $50 bet on the Wolfs at +300. Then, the second bet of $80 on the Eagles goes ahead at -120. You get $146 for that. Eventually, the third one comes. Once won, you win $300.


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Xtreme Slots Review: Ins and Outs



Xtreme Slots Review: Ins and Outs

The fast and smooth play character and the simple user interface make Xtreme slots so great. Even with an iPhone, which is older slightly, the slots and pokies on this app are still running smoothly like many other apps. People will not get disappointed by this app by playing it alone than to get tired. Moreover, through Facebook, the social play also integrated with it. However, this integration enables you to challenge your friends and send them other bonus and coins as well.

Of course, in both ways, this works; your friends on Facebook can send you the stuff as well. However, to this app, more slots are added. Moreover, for quite a while, this app should keep you busy, right? For this reason, every two weeks, Developer Meme, Inc pledges to deliver new pokies. Like before we said already, earning coins on Gameplay is relatively fast and easy. In the game, as you make progress, more and more new slots will be available and will unlock for you to play on. Moreover, you have complete direct control in most places: manually stopping the reels is always an option, so as fast as you like, you can spin.

Xtreme Slots Review

All of which allow you to progress through the game and even allow you to win more significant amounts. The Xtreme bonus every thirty minutes gives you free additional coins. Moreover, to play this game always, it’s not required to have an internet connection; in offline mode, you can play this game too. Literally, over other popular apps, this app allows you to play the game anytime and anywhere.

In every thirty minutes, you can earn additional free coins through the Xtreme bonus. Even if to participate, I have enough cash; this keeps me from the quests. SchoneyL48, I enjoy these Xtreme slots games, though I have a problem. Ever since there happened an update, my three hours bonus compared to the regular hour had dropped. For a while, several times a week, I would get points.

Please help. Can you help me? Still, the chips are shallow. In the recent past, I got the chips and stopped getting chips now. Oh well, still I like this app and games. Maybe sometime soon, for the better, the thing will change. Developer Response: Thanks. See the privacy policy of the developer for more information.


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Xtreme Slots Review : Casino Slots Machine at Vegas



Xtreme Slots Review : Casino Slots Machine at Vegas

Here are Some top critical Xtreme Slots Review

One user of Xtreme Slots, Shery, gave a one-star review and commented that “I will delete this app. Of the screen it’s too much freezing. The app stuck at the “buy more chips” and become freezes after each play. To buy more chips, only go to the store is the only key that works for you. Every time to exit, I have to shut down the program. Also, once you increase the number of chips being played, you cannot decrease the numbers. However, I’m not enjoying any fun.”

1-star Negative Xtreme Slots Review

Again, another user named Resol gave a rating of 1 star and mentioned that “It’s all about a few spins. Sucks, no more game only very spins.”

Colt Baker gives a review by giving it 1 star and remarked that “the slot machines are not my type.” Furthermore, he wrote that “I dislike it because this slot is not my type and on here my firestick got deleted. Though it could have the potential.”

Another User William Pars gave a 1-star rating again and reviewed that, “What I expected it’s not like that. Moreover, it not very interesting at all.”

Lorileah gave a rating by providing two stars and noted that “It’s not worthy at all. It just a way for you to buy coins. It isn’t even worth playing because you lose so quickly.”

However, another 1-star rating from another user named Stoney and reviewed it as, “No beta apps. For lurking F all beta apps, the Trash beta is perfect.”

Another user Iyall Swantner again gave a rating of 1 star and penned that, “My own choice is bad gaming, and it was bad. I really wish that, even I never tried to play this game. I’m extremely sorry but never it will happen again. Moreover, it was one of those things which I didn’t found helpful and enjoyable.”

Lorileah gave a rating by providing two stars and noted that “It’s not worthy at all. It just a way for you to buy coins. It isn’t even worth playing because you lose so quickly.”

Positive Xtreme Slots Review

Ezekiel Pittman gave a 5-star rating and wrote that “it’s a good product indeed.” However, one person found it helpful. On the other hand, Jacqueline Robinson reviewed it as easy and gave a 4-star rating to it.

Finally, here we found a person who gives a 5-star rating to this game. Alex Jones gave a 5-star rating and commented, “fun games.”

However, by analyzing the review of Xtreme Slot games, we found that it is not very pleasant for most users and marked with one star from the maximum user.


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